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Devices enclosed in our Ultra Armor® Faraday Bags will be 100% protected from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks. An EMP attack is a massive burst of electromagnetic energy that can be generated deliberately using nuclear weapons to destroy electronic equipment, such as military communications equipment.

With the potential to compromise the telecommunications infrastructure, EMP attacks, while rare, are seen as one of the most serious threats businesses and governments face today. Even devices that are turned off are capable of being compromised by EMP attacks.

With Ultra Armor®, electronic devices instantly go off the grid, effectively upgrading your cybersecurity against EMP attacks and Radio Frequency (RF) hacking. Ultra Armor® is lab-tested and MIL-STD-461G certified (see bottom of page), to protect against EMP threats.


  • Cybercrime in the US has increased 55% over the past two years, and is estimated to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.
  • With the new 5G network, everything will exist on the same wireless network, from cars and personal devices to satellites.
  • Our network infrastructure will shift from hardware-based to software-based.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) hacking is quickly gaining popularity as a way to steal information wirelessly from phones, laptops, key fobs, cards, encryption devices, and more.
  • While convenient, wireless data is easier to hack and steal, and harder to monitor and filter.
  • As 5G continues to grow, RF hacking is projected to become a large cybersecurity issue, as it can go under the radar of firewalls and network-based detection systems.

Faraday Bags: Your Last Line of Defense

For more peace of mind in this day and age, our Ultra Armor® Faraday Bags are the last line of defense against RF and EMP cyber attacks for government, business or military applications, while traveling and commuting, or when confidential data is vulnerable to getting breached.

In this day and age of computer hacks, identity theft, cyber attacks, and UTS (Ubiquitous Technical Surveillance), protecting our security and privacy is not a suggestion but a requirement.

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