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ultraarmor faraday bag

Ultra Armor Faraday bags and custom solutions are the world’s only military-grade, intrusion-proof shielding technology capable of blocking wireless frequencies up to 90 GHz, representing the gold standard in anti-hacking, anti-tracking and anti-EMP technology.  

Ultra Armor effectively blocks transmission and receipt of 5G, WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, HF, VHF, UHF and EMP and has been independently verified by laboratories currently serving the US Department of Defense

Our off-the-shelf line includes key fob, cell phone,  laptop, molle bags, duffle bags and wallpaper.  Ultra Armor proudly offers custom solutions for transportation of communications and other sensitive equipment. 

We are proud to accept Government Purchase Cards and Purchase Orders from
our government, military and law enforcement partners.  

To place an order or receive a quote, please contact us: 

by email at: [email protected]

by phone at: 844-679-2418



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Radio Frequency Hacking

Wireless hacking uses radio frequencies to give a hacker access to a device in a nearby location. Data on that device can then be monitored, manipulated, and stolen. The 5G network is making RF hacking a bigger issue.

EMP Attacks

An EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, is an intense surge of electromagnetic energy with the potential to completely knock out electronic devices. Both man-made & natural EMPs can be catastrophic for cities and nations.