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Our Ultra Armor® 5G EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper can be adhered on a wall, door, or other flat surface to block wireless EMF radiation up to 90 GHz from an exterior source, such as a cell phone tower.

Price is for a 34″ x 36″ yard. Please measure area to be covered then add 15% of the total area for final measurements.

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Ultra Armor EMF Radiation Protection Home Wallpaper | EMF Protection Wallpaper | Ultra Armor Wireless Signal Blocking & EMP Shielding
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Original price was: $249.99.Current price is: $199.99. USD

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The Ultra Armor® 5G EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper is adhesive, paintable wallpaper that incorporates our Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology to create a conductive barrier between you and a powerful EMF-emitting transmitter, like a 5G cell phone tower.

The Ultra Armor® 5G & EMF Blocking Wallpaper can help protect your body from 5G and other wireless EMF radiation emitted by exterior transmitters. It should be placed on a single wall that is in between you and a cell phone tower or other transmitter, to block direct frequencies coming from a nearby EMF source.

If you are blocking a cell phone tower or 5G small cell site, it may affect cellular service or connectivity (depending on your proximity to other towers).

If the Ultra Armor® 5G & 5G Blocking Wallpaper is used to make a 360-degree shielded Faraday cage room with no gaps in shielding, all incoming and outgoing signals will be effectively blocked, ensuring complete security/privacy or full EMF protection. A Faraday room can be used to secure valuable personal or work-related electronic devices, to protect wireless data from cyber hacking and RF / EMP attacks. A Faraday room can also help eliminate exterior sources of EMF to create an EMF-free sanctuary perfect for those with EMF sensitivities.

*Please Note* If you create a Faraday-style room as an EMF-free environment, no devices should remain inside the room with you. Any device inside the space with you will emit EMF emissions that will be contained inside the room, exposing you to potentially more EMF radiation.

Perfect For: those with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), EMF home and office protection, EMF home and office cybersecurity, EMP attack prevention, 5G shielding

All Features:

  • Ultra Armor® Shielding Technology blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation & the entire 5th Generation spectrum (300 Hz-90 GHz)
  • Removable adhesive backing
  • White vinyl front can be painted to match most home decor styles
  • Order by yards: 34″ x 36″


About Ultra Armor® EMF Shielding Technology:

Our custom-created Ultra Armor® shielding technology can block up to 99% of RF (radio frequency) radiation (300 Hz-90 GHz), including all bands of the 5G spectrum: low-band operating below 1 GHz, mid-band or c-band up to 6 GHz, and high-band millimeter waves at 24 GHz and higher. It is the only shielding that can block all 5G frequencies emitting from 5G transmitters and devices. In addition, it blocks WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular (1G-5G), RFID, NFC, GPS, and other microwaves and radio waves.

With 5G, small cell sites are being deployed around the world, concentrated in urban areas where they are being placed within 750 feet of each other. Their placement, which sometimes is very close to homes and offices, is necessary due to their short but powerful frequencies. These 5G frequencies have the potential for negative health effects.

How to Use EMF Radiation Protection Wallpaper:

It is our recommendation that the product be installed by professional wall covering personnel to avoid any potential DIY-related issues.

EMF Protection from Exterior Transmitter (one wall)

  1. Locate exterior transmitter such as a cell tower, small cell site, radio tower, or satellite transmitter.
  2. Locate the wall directly in between your living space and the external transmitter.
  3. Place the Wallpaper over the wall directly facing the external transmitter to reduce your daily exposure to these direct frequencies.
  4. For the best performance, ensure all Wallpaper edges overlap by 3 inches with no gaps.

EMF Protection Shielded Room

*Note: A room with windows and gaps in the walls will not be able to create a true Faraday Cage, meaning a signal may still be able to get in or out. However, you can still reduce EMF frequencies to almost zero to create an EMF-free sanctuary.

  1. Locate the space you want to designate as a shielded room. This can be a bedroom or other small space that is free of any interior electronic devices, like computers, TVs, routers, or lights.
  2. Completely cover the walls and ceiling with our Wallpaper.
  3. The floor should only be covered (for EMF protection purposes) if the room is not on the bottom floor (ei. a second-story room or apartment building).
  4. For the best performance, ensure all Wallpaper edges overlap by 3 inches with no gaps.
  5. Avoid having any electronic devices present in the room.
  6. Enjoy your EMF-free sanctuary.

Faraday Cage Room for Cybersecurity and EMP Attack Protection

  1. Locate the space you want to designate as a Faraday Cage.
    • This should be a very small space, like a safe, closet, or windowless room where you could house electronic devices that you want to protect from hacking and tracing.
    • This should not be a living space.
  2. Completely cover all walls (top, bottom, and sides) with our EMF Blocking Wallpaper.
  3. For the best performance, ensure all Wallpaper edges overlap by 3 inches with no gaps.
  4. Place your valuable wireless electronic devices in the space for complete and secure signal-blocking.
  5. Avoid going into the room to reduce your EMF exposure.


  • It is our recommendation that the product be installed by professional wall covering personnel to avoid any potential DIY-related issues.
  • To ensure you purchase the correct amount of removable Wallpaper, carefully measure the space you plan to cover. The industry standard is to add 15% to the area of the measured space.
  • Peel-and-stick Wallpaper typically adheres best to walls with a smooth texture and an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss finish.
  • Walls must be properly prepped, primed, clean and dust-free prior to installation.
  • Measure and cut off desired length of Wallpaper from master roll as needed.
  • Remove release liner and tack Wallpaper after proper alignment on wall.
  • Avoid wrinkles, creases, pinches, etc. when applying to wall.
  • Product should be applied from true floor to true ceiling to achieve shielding effectiveness.
  • Do not reuse Wallpaper that has been adhered to a surface for more than 3 minutes.

Product delivered rolled around a 3” cardboard core
Minimum roll length of 1 yard (34″ x 36″)
Full width of 1 yard (34″ x 36″)

Ultra Armor® EMF Home Protection products including wallpaper, curtains, and shielding rolls are non-refundable, non-returnable, non-exchangeable and not covered by the One Year Limited Warranty.

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