About – What is Ultra Armor?

What is Ultra Armor Technology?

Ultra Armor® shielding technology is a custom-developed Radio Frequency (RF) shielding material that is embedded into our Ultra Armor Faraday Bags for 360° leak-proof signal attenuation.

Ultra Armor® is a composite metal material that blocks all incoming and outgoing frequencies up to 90 GHz, including C-band and high-band 5G millimeter waves that go higher than past cellular networks.

Ultra Armor® is the only shielding technology on the market today that shields all wireless frequencies–making our products the most effective form of shielding from radio-based hacking and EMP attacks. Other companies that produce Faraday bags can only shield up to 40GHz, if that.

Ultra Armor Shielding Layers

Why Was Ultra Armor Created?

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, frequencies of communication keep changing.

When the 5G network was set to deploy with frequencies going way above the 5 GHz signals being used in cellular networks and WiFi, we knew there was no shielding technology available that could effectively block frequencies that high.

We set out to engineer a material that could attenuate all wireless frequencies, from 300 Hz to 90 GHz and beyond.

How Was Ultra Armor Developed?

It took extensive research and testing to create a material that can block such a unique and broad range of frequencies, along with making that material thin, flexible, and affordable enough to be incorporated into our cybersecurity Faraday products. Lab tested and EMP certified, Ultra Armor shielding technology was created with a unique combination of metal alloys and other materials lab-tested to block all network signals up to 90 GHz (the highest we could test to).

How Our Ultra Armor Faraday Bags Work

Faraday bags lined with our Ultra Armor shielding technology create a completely 360-degree enclosed space surrounded by a mesh of conducting materials. When an electromagnetic field or radio frequency field on the outside of the bag interacts with the material, it redistributes the charges around the outside of the bag, preventing any frequencies from moving through the material.

Ultra Armor Shielding Duffel

Why Ultra Armor Technology Protects Against Radio-Based and EMP Attacks

Radio-based or RF attacks target devices with radio communication systems that transmit and receive data using radio waves. This includes all devices that access cellular networks–from the first generation (1G) to the current 5G spectrum, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and more. Enclosing devices in our Ultra Armor technology products will instantly suspend all network communication going to and from devices, and because of this, is 100% effective in preventing this type of wireless hacking method.

Ultra Armor’s signal-proof Faraday products are lined with 360° wireless shielding to ensure complete protection from radio-based hackers and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

An EMP attack, whether natural or deliberate, can temporarily or permanently disable the use of electronics, ranging from mobile devices, to military weapons, to entire power grids. Ultimately any electronically-based device that is made with a solid-state system (virtually all modern-day electronics) and functions via an electronic circuit rather than through vacuum tubes can be affected by an EMP. When placing modern day electronics or military weapons–many of which rely on radio-based communication and wireless technology–in our Ultra Armor Faraday Bags, an EMP will not be able to penetrate and disable said electronic device.